Dreams Masked At Birth

November 24, 2014

We're all pretenders. Similar to Bruce Wayne, who pretends to be BatmanMeanwhile, I'm pretending to be versed on how to write an article. Nobody tells people they're pretending to be anyone unless they're at that fresh youthful imaginative age or participating in adult role-playing. If people admitted they were pretending, to themselves and others, it would mar their reality dream. Adults adorn these “pretend masks” similar to Bruce Wayne; becoming these characters of their preconceived selves.


Unlike Bruce Wayne, we're not fighting villains, we're fighting our personal reality. Provided we all grow up, eventually every person becomes something socially definable. Whether you're a writer or a garbage man or a stock broker or a serial killer, we pretend to be these definable roles until they become reality. In addition, people claim we wear an abundance of “hats”, a metaphor for pretending of course. I've probably worn some twenty hats in my meager time on this beautiful watery planet.


There existed a time once when I pretended to be a martial arts instructor. Before my Sifu awarded me the position I watched him teach; consequently emulating him once he gave me the authority to instruct out of his dojo, SBMA in Santa Barbara. Needless to say, it terrified the shit out of me trying to role-play this position of power. I didn't perceive what the fuck I had taken on. When I gave pushups for incompetence, I felt guilty; a minute later arrived pleasure.


I realized once people obeyed my commands I'd hit my personal reality goal. It's a delicious feeling to embody that which our own selves pretend to be and desire to become. Dopamine must have been running through my brain seeing as how I felt rewarded and courageous. However, I abused the power of my position once when I zealously sparred with this young lad, not older than fourteen, to toughen him up. He ended up in pain, nothing serious; in any case I recall being considerably rough.


At the time I had no certain idea why I did it. Was I doing what had been done to me without question? Pondering this memory now, I realize I pretended intensely enough to forget reality. The confrontation seemed to bring the warrior instinct out somewhere in the mammalian part of my mind from ages lost.


Despite the fact that, once outside mother's womb, children obtain the freedom to

be anything. While in truth, we're our own antagonists once we accept the present reality. As a result, we're forced to wear a mask in order to survive in this “evolved” society.


However people fight exhaustively, often themselves, to become what they dream, or were told to dream of being. Due to this, people die in small increments each day, discarding bits of themselves; meanwhile time exposes a molting process of who they'll soon enough become.


Conformity plays a large role in who people pretend to be. Humans have an instinctual need to feel accepted, thus avoiding ostracization. Nonetheless, every created aspect of societal acceptance came about long ago by first-in-line elitist bastards. In my humble opinion, why should people succumb to being an indoctrinated good little tenth-gen zombie clone conformist?


Asking myself this question often, there's not by any means one answer for all whom wander lost. For many, conformity is the only answer, and if you're outraged by this statement then I've touched a guilty nerve.


When fiction becomes logic, yet defies reason, many will suffer. We're all creators in my opinion, anyone who played with Legos as a child grasps this. However, somewhere along the line people get pushed to the point of losing themselves. Possibly we discover ourselves again through a major life experience, although numerous others succumb to censorship of such cogitating. Succumbing to the madness of this controlled reality, weather permitting, becomes our only option at times. Alternatives remain rare for now. Nonetheless, a few grasp with a death grip onto their childlike pretending. These



prevailing people, whom live their dreams outside this programmed reality playground that's controlled by a few shadow men pretending to be gods, can find true happiness. At least that's my experience.







The U.S. and Soviet Delegations at the Bretton Woods Conference. This gathering

of delegates from 44 nations met from July 1 to July 22, 1944. Standing (left to right): E. M. Bernstein, A. P. Morozov, Dean Acheson, A. A. Arutiunian, Harry D. White, Jesse P. Wolcott, N. F. Chechulin, F. B. Bystrov, I. D. Zlobin, M. M. Idashkin, Ansel F. Luxford. Seated (left to right): Mabel Newcomer, Edward E. Brown, Fred M. Vinson, Henry Morgenthau, M. S. Stepanov, Brent Spence, P. A. Maletin, Charles W. Tobey. The two major accomplishments of the conference were the creation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).


by Samuel J. Bass


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Dreams Masked At Birth

November 24, 2014

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