More Women at Comic Con?

October 27, 2014


The art of cosplay is becoming increasingly glamorized by pop-culture and at Comic Con events. A hobby whose enthusiasts were at one time pegged as nerds, geeks, and weirdos, has recently attracted a diverse, and surpri singly sexy crowd.


The women who show up at conventions like Comic Con in costume are celebrated by their male-fan counterparts.


Standing out in the crowds of eager event-goers, these girls are considered more devoted than the fans who don’t put the time into dressing up, and are also admired  for being “nerdy,” while looking so good doing it. 


Flocking to Comic Con in massive numbers, though, are fans that limp, rather than strut, through the awe-struck crowds of the event.  


I’m of course talking about followers of the number one show on television, AMC’s the Walking Dead.        




Since we’re on the subject of these lovely fan-ladies, let’s talk about the Walking Dead’s success with the female demographic.


62% of the show’s Twitter followers are female, according to StatSocial. That’s a lot, twice as men...considering the program’s extremely graphic nature.


Are women exaggerating their fondness of the show to brag how cool they are with blood and guts?  


Are they simply taking advantage of this new “nerdy chicks are hot” trend?


Although my judgment may be off, as I’m still recovering from the shock, the emotion, of episode two, season five…I don’t think so.



To list Walking Dead’s selling points for women: 


  • Tender bonding, compassion, and true love that only a gruesome zombie apocalypse can bring out in people


  • Completely hardcore and callused yet still heart-warmingly feminine female roles such as Carol, Michonne, and Maggie


  • Tyrese, the baby-cradling gentle giant


  • Rick Grimes, the very handsome former sheriff,

    devoted father, grieving widower, zombie-killing machine who loves to plant vegetables and share his emotions


  • Darrell Hicks, the muscular redneck with his cross bow, motorcycle, gruff and to-the-point comment-making, tender relationship with Carol, and long, greasy hair that he’ll never push away from his face but damnit, I love him anyway.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Underneath all of the incredibly gory graphics of the Walking Dead, the show is really about the complicated character dynamics. A subtlety like a facial expression, or a camera focus on a mysterious object is the type of clue the devoted fan pays attention to while watching - and being a lady myself, I know that women love to pick apart every little thing that people do and say.



Even though the most powerful moments of the Walking Dead involve the living, the majority of the blood and the guts come from its famous zombies. And people love zombies.


All over the country, fans are buying tickets to events, making themselves look super scary, showing up and moaning like they died and came back to life, and taking lots of pics.



So, are you interested in joining this slow-moving yet terrifying herd of zombie freaks? 



I don’t blame you! There seems to be something transcendental about becoming something convincingly inhuman for a day. Walkers don’t have brains, but people do! so let’s put those things to use to come up with an awesome zombie make-over. Cosplay


 Courtesy of:


Whether you’re going for something pretty, or scary, all of the cosmetics that you’ll 

need to get yourself zombed up are available here: Cosmetics


To make it nice and easy for you, here’s a simple guide to a classic undead look.


  • Apply pale white face cream to entire face



  • Add swipes of green eye-shadow under your eyes and cheekbones


  • Use purple, black, and brown eye-shadows to make circles around your eyes and bruises anywhere else that pleases your fancy


  • Use a purple eye-liner to draw sickly veins on your forehead and cheeks


  • Mix red lipstick with Vaseline to make goopy red blood that will stick to your face. Go crazy


  • Grab your black or dark brown lipstick and apply to your teeth


  • Find an actual event to go to, like Comic Con, because it’s weird to zombify yourself just ‘cause.


Comic Con events held by Wizard World with Walking Dead heads, your rotten, resurrected self will be in good company at their event. Tickets are available here: ComiCon



-Esse Rose


Maskapade Editorial Desk


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