80's Cult Classic Icons on Tour

November 4, 2014

Do you ever find yourself missing the 80’s? Or, maybe you’re someone like me that wasn’t born until the next decade, but grew up watching the cult classics of the era. From coming-of-age dramedies to campy and wildly entertaining horror flicks, the 80’s produced some of our culture’s most beloved pieces of cinema, starring actors that have become so iconic that still, thirty years past their hey days, thousands of fans are eager to wait hours in line to meet them.


And for these fans, the 2014 Tulsa Comic Con hosted by Wizard World is Mecca. Available for meet and greets, autographs, and photo-ops, the biggest names of 80’s pop phenomena await the throngs of all the fans who want a piece of sweet memorabilia, or just the right to brag to their friends the next time they’re hanging out and watching Nightmare on Elm Street, that, dude, they “met that guy.” So, now that I’ve mentioned it, let’s start the list there.


Robert Englund

The man behind the burn-scarred face of everyone’s favorite dream-entering murderer, Freddy Krueger, Englund is one of the biggest names of modern horror.


In addition to starring in Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, all seven of its sequels, and the television series, he is also remembered by fans of the 1970’s sci-fi series, “V”, for his role as Willie, a visitor from outer space with a friendly relationship with humans.                                                                             

The actor’s role as Freddy Krueger contributed majorly to the horror genre and will be remembered for generations to come. Robert Englund will appear as a special guest at the Tulsa Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday.



Corey Feldman

This guy’s roles in 80’s teenage adventure movies are spunky and hilarious. Who can forget the troubled Teddy Duchamp in Stand by Me, with his adorable glasses and fearless ways? Or Edgar Frog – comic book store owner by day, vampire hunter by night?



That kid pretty much saves the day in Lost Boys. And I don’t know about you, but Feldman as “Mouth,” the smart mouth, is my second favorite kid in The Goonies. 


Throw in a role in Gremlins, and young Corey Feldman is the complete quirky-80’s-movie-kid package. And now, everyone’s got a chance to meet him! He’ll appear at the Tulsa Comic Con on Saturday.


Ernie Hudson

Known for his 1984 role as Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters, in which he delivers the famous lines, “that’s a big twinkie,” and “Ray, if someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES!” Hudson also Ghostbusters 2 in 1989.


As the newest member of the Ghostbusters team, Zeddemore is willing to “believe anything for a steady paycheck.” He’ll be appearing all three days of the Tulsa Comic Con!   


Lou Ferrigno

This body builder and former Mr. Universe plays the famous part of Dr. David Banner’s other side… the Incredible Hulk. Ferrigno starred as the destructive green monster from in 82 episodes of the show from ’77-’82.


Newer versions of the Hulk are computer animated, but Lou’s muscles are all real! Take in all 275 pounds of him for yourself, in person, all three days of the Tulsa Comic Con.


Ralph Macchio 

Ahh, Ralph Macchio. I don’t think I was the only eleven-year-old girl to have a crush on his role as the Karate Kid. His struggle to fit-in at his new school, endearing love life, and unforgettable defeat of the gang of bullies belonging to the evil Cobra Kai in an epic karate match make this movie, along with its two sequels, heart-warming and delightful for everyone.


Macchio also plays the young music student who learns a lesson in the blues in the 1986 film, Crossroads. He’s a featured guest at the Tulsa Comic Con this weekend.


Ari Lehman

Only appearing in the original Friday the 13th and its first sequel, Ari Lehman portrays the most horrifying version of Jason Voorhies: the deformed child, bullied until the day he drowned in Crystal Lake.


Before all of the endless resurrections, Jason in New York, and Jason Returns Again, et cetera, et cetera, Ari Lehman was there to tell the original story that defines slasher flicks to this day. Now you finally have the chance to see Jason’s face. This weekend. Tulsa Comic Con.


-Esse Rose

Maskapade Editorial Desk


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